Apple iPhone 5c Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Review


Apple iPhone 5c Vs Samsung Galaxy S4

Gone are those days when we used mobile phones just to connect to our loved ones and for business or urgent purpose. Now mobile has become an integral part of everyday life and showcasing. It is like God upon creation had forgotten about adding something with similar features into our anatomical system.
Even though there are a lot of manufacturers and models, choosing the right mobile is not an easy job. There are too many criterions to be considered in the selection procedure. Among the most important things are the operating system, display size, processor speed, battery life, and RAM & storage capacity. Above all now, the young as well as the old generations had become very choosy with the quality of camera. In primitive age of mobile, we used to pick mobiles focusing on the capacity of contacts and message storage. Unlike the older phones most of the modern mobiles comes with the technologies and features like dual SIM facility, Wi-Fi, GPS and of course an FM radio and Bluetooth function which as often labeled as ‘basic’ features.
If you are visiting a mobile showroom you are certain to get confused about which phone you should buy. By the time you select and buy the suited piece, within two days or so the new version of the same phone you bought might be released in the market. That is the pace of growth in the mobile industry and technology.
Of the umpteen mobiles in the market you should always go for a branded phone only. Every day new companies are emerging in the market, armed with latest technologies. These companies may be offering a much lesser price for the same configuration or may be much more applications that a branded phone will be offering. So one should be careful in choosing the kind of phone you need, including the price factor.

Comparing Apple iPhone 5c with Samsung Galaxy S4

Though Samsung is really not a fierce competitor of Apple, often their best product comes off in warzone with Apple. Let us compare, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Apple iPhone 5c, picking up their pros and cons.
As for the price criteria there is not much difference between the two. Of course a varied increase of around £70 is there in the case of iPhone for its well earned reputation in the market.
In the matter of overall design iPhone 5c is a little bit better than the Samsung Galaxy S4. But when it comes to the display section the Samsung Galaxy is better for its brilliant HD screen. The screen size for the iPhone is only 4 inches while that of Samsung S4 is 5 inches. The screen resolution for the iPhone5c is 640×1136 pixels while for Samsung it is 1080×1920 pixels.

iphone 5c - samsung gallexy s4 (1)

The OS software used in iPhone5c is iOS 7 and there is no Java support. But in the case of Samsung S4 the Operating System is Android 4.2 and Java support is available. We cannot compare Android with iOS, both have its own merit and demerits. Android is much loved for its user friendliness, but fails in stability when compares with iOS.

The iPhone 5c weighs 132 Gms and having a 1507 mAh battery which is not removable and the phone comes in various shades like, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink & White. While the Samsung weighs 130 grams with a 2600 mAh removable battery. iPhone 5c fails in variety of colors in which the phone is available. The only two colors available are Black Mist and White Frost.
The processor in the Samsung S4 is 1.6 GHz octa-core and 2 GB RAM, with an internal storage of 16 GB and an expandable storage up to 64 GB. But in the case of iPhone 5c, the processor is 1.3 GHz dual-core and Apple A6 Processor. The RAM is of 1 GB and its internal storage is 16 GB.
The rear camera with flash is 8 megapixels and the front camera is 1.2 mega pixels for iPhone 5c. While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is having 13 mega pixel rear camera with flash and 2 mega pixel front camera.
It seems to be buying Samsung Galaxy S4 will be a wise decision. The battery backup is very good even though you are playing games, net surfing or video streaming. The 13 mega pixel camera is the best feature which is accompanied with a 5 inch screen. At times the eye gesture feature seems not working properly.
At the mean time the iPhone 5c is not a phone which is worth for the money. The absurd colors and the cheap look of the plastic body are not worth it. The OS is very fine but altogether it is not cost-effective. Although these are the case, if give heavy priority for stability and integrity, then iPhone 5c should be your choice.

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